Creating Great Smiles

Smile Makeovers

Although we have a practice that offers many aspects of dental care, a special interest of Dr. Ozanic's is smile enhancemant. He has had this type of treatment completed on himself so he completely understands the process from different points of view.

The process of smile redesign requires us to take photographs for our treatment planning (let us assure you that all of the before and after photographs used on this website are of our clients, which have given us specific consent to do so). For people interested in smile enhancement our recommendation is to drop by for a tour of the office and meet Dr. Ozanic to discuss your specific concerns. Next, an aesthetic exam is usually the best option, unless there is a bite issue that is important to you, in which case an exam tailored to bite issues would be best.


Our aesthetic dentistry is metal-free to provide the best blending of our natural looking porcelains with your own mouth.

Smile enhancement is an important part of our practice – from minor reshaping of teeth requiring no freezing to rebuilding a worn smile with beautiful, natural looking porcelain.
Dr. Ozanic is a two time graduate of the Millenium aesthetics course – a premier hands-on cosmetic dental course that is an Canadian offshoot of the Las Vegas institute in the United States.
He is a longstanding member of the TACD and is commited to excellence in aesthetic metal free dentistry.

We use combination of state of the art techniques and classic art principles in designing and rejuvenating a smile.


We are proud to offer smile imaging services – You can visualize your own fantasy smile quickly and easily. We take a photo of the smile and create a new one using computer imaging technology. It’s as easy as taking a picture – and the beauty of it is that you can customize it to your heart’s content!

Our Aesthetic exam is a great place to start if your priority is enhancing your smile. A myriad of factors is assessed to design the best smile for you.

From the initial consultation to the finishing touches we're dedicated to excellence and your satisfaction! Whitening: We are excited about our tooth whitening systems – it can be done in one hour using the ZOOM™ system or gently over the course of days or using DayWhite™ or Night White™.

For a more detailed assessment of your smile, ask for our Aesthetic exam.